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Tips to increase the life of your hair straightener...

As you prepare for the day ahead, you reach for your trusty flat iron to help save yourself from having another bad hair day. It will be a bad hair day if you get to know that that your hair straightener is not working. You will plug it in and out again to make it work. Buying new one is best solution but let’s have look on some of the tips to increase the life of hair straightener.
Clean up the Straightener Regularly:
Keep the straightener clean to pass it smoothly through the hair. Pour the rubbing alcohol in little amount on the soft wiping sheet and clean the plates when they are still warm. This will soften the dirt etc that is buildup on the plates and it will be easier to wipe them.

Style the Clean Hair:

Whether you want to curl, wave or smoothen your hair using your hair straightener make sure that you are using best quality product. Several products enclose the elements that can’t only increase on the hair, but when they are heated might bake on the hair strands rooting the hair to be lifeless as well as dull and dry.
A regular maintenance schedule for the hair as well as for the iron will keep the hair healthier along with increasing the life of the hair straightener.

Tightened the unfastened Screws and nuts:

Using a hair straightener and when you pres it down, you noticed that it is springing back to its original position effortlessly. This is for the reason that screws etc. of your hair straightener are accurately tightened. But by using it for along might loosen up the nuts and screws of the hair straightener and it will affect the working of your flat iron. Check the screws and tighten up them to increase the life your hair straightener.
Switch Off the Hair Straightener After Use: (read more about best hair straighteners here)
Always remember to switch off the hair straightener after using it. Sometimes when you are in a rush and forget to unplug the straightener, it might cause some serious damage such causing a fire and if your luck enough then there will be no fire but it might decrease the life hair straightener. Turning it off after using it will increase it life and will save you from some serious damage as well.

Proper Storage for Hair Straightener:

This is another factor that will definitely increase the life of your flat iron. The heat resistant mats can be used while using the iron as you can place the iron on them instead of placing it on other things which will not damage those things but also affect the hair straightener as well and decrease the life of your flat iron. A proper storage place will increase the life as the wires will be prevented from being tangled and out of the blue falling on floor.
Using the above mentioned tips you can increase the life of your hair straightener and make it last for years.

What to consider before buying the curling irons


With the correct curling hair accessories, styling your hair into falling waves or springy spirals isn’t as hard as it appears. Here are a couple of things to search for to enable you to locate an awesome hairstyle. The way you style your hair is a statement of who you truly are. That is the motivation behind why styling your hair is a vital choice you should make each other day. You can wear diverse styles of hair. Be that as it may, for most ladies who have long hair, having normal looking twists is the most favored way.

Types of curling irons

Spring hair curler:
This type of hair curling accessory is well-known to most. It includes a thumb-controlled shell that is utilized to open and close the clasp. Spring hair curling accessories offer more control over factors like the state of curls and heat.
Marcel hair curler:
It was named this after a nineteenth-century beautician; this hairstyle likewise includes a clasp on the wand, alongside a more extended handle. The Marcel must be opened and shut physically, like utilizing a couple of scissors. You can easily make consistent looking curls.
Twofold and triple barrel irons:
Double and triple barrel hair curling accessories are proficient hair curlers used to give hair more waves.
Cordless curler:
A cordless hair curling accessory is controlled by Thermacell cartridges, so it doesn’t should be fueled by electrical plug or batteries. It is great for adding a little ricochet to your hair when you’re in a hurry.

Size of the curling iron

They come in various sizes and each size works contrastingly on specific types of hair. For example, thin hair needs a littler size hair curling accessory to accomplish the ideal twist. Then again, thick hair needs an iron with a major barrel since it can make the greater size of curls.

Material of the curling iron

Hair curlers are produced using a few materials. They incorporate metal, clay and brush styles. Each of these has their capacity in regard to certain hair sorts. So when purchasing your own iron, the material in which it’s made of is essential. The ceramic ones are favorite among the women with damaged hair. They are said to give dampness to the hair, contrasted with different irons that influence the hair to dry.

Things to consider when purchasing a hair curler

Pause for a moment to consider a couple of key hair curler features to help figure out which suits you the best.
Types of hair
Thicker hair requires high heat settings to keep up twisting outcomes, while fine hair needs bring down settings to abstain from hair damage.
Barrel material
Professional hair curlers will probably have an artistic or tourmaline heating plate.
Barrel heating rates
The snappier a hair curler creates heat, the less demanding it is to accomplish an expert twist.
Interchangeable barrels
Some hair curling accessories accompany compatible barrels to enable you to make a wide range of looks.
Barrel size
Different barrel sizes create diverse sorts of twists. Contingent upon what look you wish to accomplish, a thicker one inch or two-inch barrel is appropriate for more and looser twists.
Variable heat settings
You might need to consider an iron with a heat setting control, particularly when twisting your layers and ends.
Comprehensive buyer’s guide and reviews of best curling irons read here.